C: Forgotten, in Black

I’m still trying to work out where I first saw these, but they’re too good not to show in the meantime. 

C: Alice Neel

Speaking of Hope Gangloff, hey there Alice Neel

C: Hope Gangloff

Once upon a time, I worked for an incredible literary magazine that utilized its cover as a space to showcase incredible emerging and established contemporary artists. We all pined for some of Hope Gangloff's emotive work on our cover.

A painting teacher of mine once told me that I painted my subjects “like tortured, thirsty mules.” I’d like to think that perhaps I was channeling a bit of Gangloff’s more visceral and gangly style. 

L: Sugar Coated

Shelfridges’ new candy containers, via Lovely Package.

L: Todd Oldham for Target

Todd Oldham’s new Kid Made Modern gem crayons. 

S: Sarah Seven

Sarah Seven has a great first name, yeah. But she also has created this absurdly beautiful bridal Spring 2013 collection that leaves me swooning all lovey dovey, and shouting ROMANCE! ROMANCE! into the heavens. 

C: Tiffany Bozic

Images from Tiffany Bozic's new monograph Drawn by Instinct, released by Ginko Press

As a result of her rural upbringing in Arkansas, Tiffany Bozic inherited a closeness to the natural world, a lifelong imprint that informs her work. Her patron saints, John James Audubon and Ernst Haeckel, provide the artistic inspiration and painstaking attention to details of morphology — whether real, or imagined.

There are fascinating discoveries to be made in her work, from new species of nudibranchs to unexpected life forms that blur the lines of flora and fauna. We also discern flashpoints through unlikely pairings, perceptions of danger in tranquil settings — a commentary on the fragility of life? Whatever the intent, there is a mesmerizing dialogue at work, encompassing both inner and outer worlds.

Questions are posed and meticulously explored, and perhaps in the process, we get a little closer to the answers. Take a glimpse into hidden worlds where the mysteries of life still abound!

First seen on Juxtapoz

S: Freckles

Reto Caduff’s new portraits highlight a certain under appreciated beauty mark: the freckle. Hey genetics, rock on. 

Originally spotted (har), here. 

L: Turkish Foutas

My newest fascination falls under a rather boring category: bath towels. Well, almost. These are Turkish Foutas, 100% cotton, super absorbent, fast drying, and in many parts of the world, this is what bath towels look like. I think I’d be pretty happy wrapping luxurious festoons of colored cloth around me too…

This set for sale, here.

Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo just remodeled her bathroom and I spotted a set, here!

C: Taryn Simon

Shown here, a selection of Taryn Simon’s work from her most recent exhibit, “A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters” At MOMA through September, 3rd.